Budget Floral Fluffy Nightgown

$28.00 USD


Product Description

Let me design a special Nightgown for you out of my stock of flannel bargain finds. The picture gives a sample of the work I have done. I have one special pink floral design available right now. See the last picture.

The design is loose fitting, button front (optional);and a cute pocket.(I vary each one.)
I will give you a long sleeve with a knit or regular fabric cuff. If you would prefer a three quarter sleeve and no cuff, please say so in the note to seller at the check out. Also if you prefer a regular cuff (buttons shut) to a knit cuff (like a turtle neck or sweat shirt) let me know in the note to seller as well.

I search for good cotton flannel that is warm and cozy. This particular listing will use a selvage lot of pink floral flannel. The listing price covers my labor and the cost of fabric in the picture. This particular flannel cost me a little more than usual, hence the difference in price from my regular budget fluffy flannel nightgown listing.

Measurements needed:
Bust (bra size will do)
General size of nightgowns and or shirt
Your Height ( I try to make it "tea" length, or mid calf.)

*S works for bust 30-32
M works for bust 34
L works for bust 36-38C
XL works for bust 38DDD-42(up to D)
1X works for bust 44"-46
2X works for bust 48-50

Budget Floral Fluffy Nightgown Budget Floral Fluffy Nightgown Budget Floral Fluffy Nightgown Budget Floral Fluffy Nightgown