Budget Maternity Wardrobe Set

$30.00 USD


Product Description

The Cost of Fabric is not included. You will need to purchase Fabric from our Shop Selection ($2-$10 rang) or mail me the fabric you want used. The links below are some suggestions that would work well into this custom made set.



Here is a nice casual maternity set to wear around the house or as you watch your children at the park. This set includes maternity culottes (with tummy panel); one blouse same print as the culottes; one plain, collared blouse that buttons in front.

The pictures show an outfit that is no longer available; but I can sew up a similar pair of maternity culottes and two blouses.
If you are interested in having a maternity wardrobe sewn especially for you, send me a message telling me your interest and needs.
Upon reaching an agreement I can begin building a custom order which will be listed upon completion according to your name and you can purchase it up front or when it is ready to ship.

This set takes two to three weeks to sew up.

I can sew from fabric you send me or Or you can select something from my Fabric Selection.

Budget Maternity Wardrobe Set Budget Maternity Wardrobe Set Budget Maternity Wardrobe Set