Budget & Simple Yoked Nightgown

$15.00 USD


Product Description

If you would like a night gown made just for you, send me your size and measurements in a conversation. I'd love to design something original just for you.

Most of my night gowns are made of a high percentage of cotton. They are very comfortable and very cute. I shop for the fabric at selvage stores. This helps me keep my prices low.
It also adds an element of surprise, as I never know what treasure I may find.
But if you have a favorite color, I should be able to accommodate you.

I love to sew these up and give them original trims or appliqués appropriate to the fabric with which I'm working. This is a basic and comfortable nightgown pattern. The overlap in the back makes it easy to slip over your head. I sew it up in warm flannel or cool and lightweight cotton. The sleeves tend to come out three quarter length. If you want them shorter please say so in the comments box.

Measurements Required: bust/bra size; general size of nightgowns worn; desired length (or your height ).

Budget & Simple Yoked Nightgown Budget & Simple Yoked Nightgown