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For a video sample of this music, visit our Facebook Page: Cox Sisters.

In this package you will find 5 delightful choir arrangements
(The title and contents pages are missing. If you want them give us your email in the notes to seller and we will email them in a pdf attachment. We are new to the digital process.)
for the small church ladies' ensemble. Some numbers are SA and others are SAA.
Some numbers have melody bell numbers written in for an added special effect.

Instead of elaborate accompaniments, you will find the printed vocal parts along with chord notations (also guitar frets indicated above the).

My mother has found in her 40 years of experience in teaching, writing, and coordinating, that most small groups, first of all have no pianist who can play elaborate accompaniments;
Secondly, most groups have very few if any vocalists who can find their parts unless the accompanist is emphasizing their notes with a fair measure of "strength".

Therefore the value of this system is that the accompanists can emphasize the notes for the vocalists and fill in with the proper chords (seeing them at a glance) to the best of their abilities.

I realize the well written accompaniments can add wonderful color to a performance; but when pianists can barely handle the accompaniments and vocalists cannot find the proper notes to sing, the well-written accompaniments can hardly be appreciated.

There is a trend in fundamental circles to make a "hole in the hen house"
for the "weasel of CCM"to enter in
. That sneaky "hole" quite often comes by way of written accompaniment.

As per our policy, we will sell this volume to you at a set price in loose leaf form so that the teacher/leader can make as many copies as needed for class/choir note books.

Downloadable Copy of Ladies Group Downloadable Copy of Ladies Group Downloadable Copy of Ladies Group Downloadable Copy of Ladies Group Downloadable Copy of Ladies Group