Designing On A Budget

For Many years my sister Charity and I have played and sang special music in Baptist churches of IN

My Grandmother said more than once, "I wouldn't have missed all the fun I have had being married to a poor man." She of course loved her life's mate, my minister grandfather. But she had learned growing up in the Great Depression that money can't replace a happy home. And she had learned too that being creative with the resources at hand can be twice as fun as buying something new. She made her clothes, sewed for her 6 children--even made the Bridesmaids dresses for my mother's wedding.

Mom loved arranging music for the small churches my father has Pastored over the years. My sister inherited her passion and brilliant music creativity. They are both great congregational pianists. And they have both arranged all the music that My Sister and I performed in my father's Evangelistic meetings over the years.
Mom passed that sense of creative fun on to me. And because we were home-schooled, I enjoyed learning much about sewing from "Home-Ec afternoons" with my Grandmother.
Mom told me I should use both elements in a family business type shop. And I have. I hope you can make use of our music and my sewing creations.
For samples of our music CDs and books, view the music videos on our Facebook page and Both are under the name or (hashtag#coxsisters) of Cox Sisters.

Charity and our mother, Anita have arranged old hymns and original compositions.

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